Dingwall NG2 5-String Pearl (new shade of Blue for 2017)  Blue Pre-Order, ETA of OCTOBER 2017

Dingwall NG2 5-String Pearl (new shade of Blue for 2017) Blue Pre-Order, ETA of OCTOBER 2017

Your Price: $1,795.00
Retail Price:$2,000.00
You Save:$205.00(10%)
These are on order and will be here soon! Reserve yours today!
Part Number:NG2SB5
  • Amazing DIngwall Laguna Seca Blue 5-String :Dingwall NG2 Laguna Seca Blue. These basses usually pre-sell, reserve YOURS today!
It's a Dingwall!
NOTE: The date listed is an ETA. The bass may ship either before or after this date. This is only an estimate and typically delays do occur. If you are not willing to wait do not order this bass. Our suggestion to you is if you want the very highest workmanship & quality control in the bass industry and the amazing SOUND of the Dingwall bass, then you must be patient and realize these basses ship when they ship. 

Dingwall has one of the most aggressive quality control implementations in the bass manufacturing world. It is easy to see that they have quality on the mind with each bass they produce. This NG2 is no exception. Laguna Seca Blue 5-String.

These basses usually pre-sell so order yours today. Alternatively, contact us and we can accept a $500 DOWN PAYMENT to reserve your bass!

We also can custom order you your very own Dingwall Canadian Built Bass. These are true works of art with the best sounds possible. The low B on Dingwalls is recognized as the best in the industry. This 5-String bass will be sure to please.

Retail this bass would be over 2000 plus 135 shipping. We are an authorized Dingwall Dealer!

All Dingwall bass pre-orders have a non-refundable deposit fee of $300. If you cancel your order after the nominal 3 days, you will be responsible for this order cancellation fee. When we receive a payment your name is put on that particular bass and that bass is removed from our advertising. We also order a replacement bass at that time. The $300 cancellation fee helps recover a small part of the charges we incur on your behalf of ordering the bass. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THESE BASSes if you disagree with this statement.
Customer agrees to pay, in addition to above merchandise charge, any additional import taxes levied after Jan 20, 2017 which is the date of this listing. If you do not agree with this statement then do not order these basses. Customer agrees to pay any additional tax that is imposed on US imports from China after Jan 20,2017

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