NG2 / Combustion/NG3/D-bird Standard DEPOSIT only!

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Part Number:NG2deposit
Deposit only! Remainder due prior to shipping!

NON-REFUNDABLE! When you order a Dingwall Bass we put your name on it and remove that particular bass from the market, We ALSO, at that point, order a replacement bass. This deposit, although only a small offset, is to help offset the cost of us paying for two basses. Cancellation of the order FOR ANY REASON results in this non-refundable fee. You will not receive this back as a refund. Do not purchase this deposit unless you agree with this policy.

Be aware that Dingwall basses often have a delay in production. We the dealer have no way of knowing what this delay will be. The listed ETA is the estimate that Dingwall provides and actual bass shipping will likely be later than this date. We do NOT guarantee ANY specific date. You will not receive your deposit back for reason of the delay of shipping. If you do not agree with this statement please do not purchase this deposit. 

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