Dingwall  Import D-Bird Standard 4-string Aquamarine , 3-Pickups! We are an authorized DIngwall Dealer!

Dingwall Import D-Bird Standard 4-string Aquamarine , 3-Pickups! We are an authorized DIngwall Dealer!

Your Price: $1,689.00
Part Number:I-D-BirdA
Dingwall  4-string Aquamarine D-Bird Standard (import version) ....CALL for available colors! Price subject to change. The colors are Vintageburst, Purple (Blue-Purple Colorshift), Trans Black, Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine. We have ALL colors on-order! Call us about deposits for ANY of the announced colors!
Note: Above pricing not final pricing; we expect it to be lower.

We suggest to only put a $500 deposit on this bass instead of an outright purchase. Be one of the first to get a new Import D-Bird Standard!!!
Deposit Link: Put in the comments which bass you want!: http://www.shomemusic.com/NG2-Combustion-DEPOSIT-only_p_227.html

Note: Other Colors available
Ship date is an estimate and this bass may ship before or after listed date. Please note that this is an estimate only and currently DIngwall basses are experiencing delays due to extreme demand. Our suggestion to you is if you want the very highest workmanship & quality control in the bass industry and the amazing SOUND of the Dingwall bass, then you must be patient and realize these basses ship when they ship. 

We have incoming ALL of the new NG3 SWIRL colors 4 and 5 string NG3 basses as well as the PURPLE! QWe have all the D-bird colors on-order

It's a Dingwall!

Dingwall has one of the most aggressive quality control implementations in the bass manufacturing world. It is easy to see that they have quality on the mind with each bass they produce.

These basses usually pre-sell so order yours today. Alternatively, contact us and we can accept a $500 DOWN PAYMENT to reserve your bass!

We also can custom order you your very own Dingwall Canadian Built Bass. These are true works of art with the best sounds possible. The low B on Dingwalls is recognized as the best in the industry. This 4-String bass will be sure to please.

We are an authorized Dingwall Dealer!

All Dingwall bass pre-orders have a non-refundable deposit fee of $500. If you cancel your order after the nominal 3 days, you will be responsible for this order cancellation fee. When we receive a payment your name is put on that particular bass and that bass is removed from our advertising. We also order a replacement bass at that time. The $500 cancellation fee helps recover a small part of the charges we incur on your behalf of ordering the bass. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THESE BASSes if you disagree with this statement.

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