Dingwall NG3 6-STRING, PURPLE, Payoff after $500 deposit

Dingwall NG3 6-STRING, PURPLE, Payoff after $500 deposit

Your Price: $1,600.00
Part Number:NG36PURPLE
Dingwall 2018-2019 NG3 6-string PURPLE

6-String Purple - $2100
Deposit.................. 500
            Payoff = $1600

We are an authorized Dingwall Dealer!

All Dingwall bass pre-orders have a non-refundable deposit fee of $500. If you cancel your order after the nominal 3 days, you will be responsible for this order cancellation fee. When we receive a payment your name is put on that particular bass and that bass is removed from our advertising. We also order a replacement bass at that time. The $500 cancellation fee helps recover a small part of the charges we incur on your behalf of ordering the bass. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THESE BASSes if you disagree with this statement.

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