Traynor YGL-2 30 Watt Tube Combo Amplifier, Custom Order, Call for availability

Traynor YGL-2 30 Watt Tube Combo Amplifier, Custom Order, Call for availability

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Traynor 30-watt All-tube YGL2 1x12 Combo
Traynor recreates the classic cathode bias amp tone in the new all-tube 30-watt two-channel YGL2 combo. Hand-selected EL84 tubes configured in Class-A mode driving through a single 12-inch Celestion Vintage30 deliver the classic sound guitarists crave.

Classic Tone
Traynor YGL2A uses a Celestion Vintage30 speaker and hand-selected EL84 tubes configured in a proven Class-A amplifier design to deliver a truly classic amp tone in a compact combo design. Ideal for stage or studio, the YGL2A is built to meet the need of the discerning guitarist in search of a classic, yet versatile guitar amp.

Maximum Versatility
The Traynor YGL2 delivers clean and overdrive channels with separate level controls, master volume and a simple bass / mid / treble tone stack.

A simple one-button mode switch relocates the tone stack relative to the gain stage, giving the YGL2A either a crisp 'American' style tube amp tone for clarity and definition (USA mode) or a grittier, more 'spongy' 'British' flavor associated with the great UK amps of the 60s and 70s ( Brit mode).

Additional Tone Shaping
The Vintage / Modern switch on the Traynor YGL2A offer additional tone shaping that offers the player a choice between a truly classic 'vintage' tube drive or a more aggressive scooped guitar tone for the guitarist seeking a more modern guitar sound.

  • 30-watt All-Tube Guitar Combo
  • Single 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker
  • Class-A Cathode Bias Amplifier Design
  • Uses Hand Selected 12AX7 (x3) and EL84 (x4) Tubes
  • Clean Volume, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume and Master Volume Controls
  • Shared Bass, Middle, Treble and Reverb controls
  • Master USA/Brit and Vintage/Modern Mode Switches
  • Series Effects Loop
  • Footswitch for Channel Select and Reverb Defeat
  • External Speaker Jack

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